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Homemade Salad Specialties




Chicken Salad – $8.09/9.09
Our own White Meat with Celery.






Tuna Salad – $8.09/9.09
Our Famous recipe. Over two tons sold a year.






Turkey Salad – $8.09/9.09
Our own Roasted Turkey with Cranberries and Walnuts.



#16 The Sorry Charlie – $8.09/9.09
Tuna, Lettuce, Tomato and Bacon.



#30 The Secretary – $8.09/9.09
Chicken salad layered with bacon, lettuce and tomato.



#39 Mayor Bill D. – $8.09/9.09
Name subject to change every two years.
Egg salad and bacon wrapped in spinach.






4 months ago

The Lyman Hall Basketball Championship sandwich. Our Award winning Roast Beef, Bacon. Coleslaw, Barbecue sauce on a Kummelweck roll or kummelweck sub.

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4 months ago

Vinny's Deli the King Of Roast Beef

Philly Steak and Cheese wit or wit out any thing you would like.(In Philly wit means with)

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4 months ago

Vinny's Deli the King Of Roast Beef

Surf or turf

Voted tops in CT
Lobster Roll - $9.99
Lobster on a roll-$18.99
Lobster Sub- $28.99
Or any can be put in a dish.
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5 months ago

Win $100 worth of Vinny’s gift certificates.
We are looking to name the bridge that took five years plus to build.
How it works: give us your creative thought of a name for the briidge the name ... See more

5 months ago

Roast beef with AuJus. Or get a side of AuJus and make it a French dip

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5 months ago

Help Wanted.

Sandwich making, counter, light prep, etc
Must be available during the day (9-2)

If you have applied in the past please re-apply.

Must come down and apply in person.

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5 months ago

Two of our biggest Roast Beef fans stop by today. Bailey 130 pounds and Lennon 60 pounds at six months old. Only the best for these furry friends

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5 months ago

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The love and support that was shown to our family was off the charts. We thank you all so much for helping us through this extremely difficult period of life.

5 months ago

If you could share this that would be great.

Missing dog, name is Joey, he went missing last night around the area of 20 North Plains Industrial Rd in Wallingford.. last seen around United Concrete ... See more

5 months ago

Yes it is true the bridge has not been completed even though we were told by the state the bridge project was done and we can put our sign back up last year. Not sure what they will be doing but we ... See more

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